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A series of substituted phenyl mono-imido complexes of the type W(NR)Cl4(THF) (R = C6H5, 2,6-Me-C6H3, 3,5-Me-C6H3, 2,4,6-Me-C6H2, 4-OMe-C6H4, 2,6-F-C6H3 and 3,5-CF3-C6H3) have been synthesised and characterised. Reaction of these complexes with solid polymethylaluminoxane (sMAO) leads to immobilisation and in situ methylation of the chloride positions on the surface of the support. Reaction of W(NR)Cl4(THF) with trimethylaluminium (TMA) yields the trimethyl complexes W(NR)Me3Cl. 


Recent publications:

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