A family of group 4 permethylpentalene complexes, Pn*MCpRX (M = Ti, Zr; CpR = Cp, CpMe, CptBu, CpnBu, CpMe3, Ind; X = Cl, Me) has been synthesised and fully characterised by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies. The effect of substitution around the Cp ligand was examined for ethylene polymerisation.

A series of group 4 complexes η5-Pn*(H)TiCl3, [η5-Pn*(H)ZrCl3]2 and [η5-Pn*(H)HfCl3]2 containing a η5-permethylpentalene ligand were prepared by the reaction of η5-Pn*(H)SnMe3 with the corresponding group 4 starting materials. The complexes inititiated ring opening polymerisation of L- and rac-lactide.


We describe the synthesis, structure and bonding of the first iridium and rhodium permethylpentalene complexes, syn-[M(CO)2]2(μ:η55-Pn*) (M = Rh, Ir). In fact, [Ir(CO)2]2(μ:η55-Pn*) is the first iridium pentalene complex. The novel 14 electron species η8-Pn*TiR2 (Pn* = C8Me6; R = Me, CH2Ph) have been synthesised and spectroscopically and structurally characterised. Subsequent reaction with CO2 leads to the activation and double insertion of CO2into both Ti–alkyl bonds to form the electronically saturated η8-Pn*Ti(κ2-O2CR)2 (R = Me, CH2Ph) complexes.

We report a series of anti-bimetallic transition metal complexes based on the permethylpentanyl (Pn*, C8Me6) ligand: anti-(MCpR5)2Pn* (where M = Fe, Co and Ni and R = H or Me). All anti-(MCpR5)Pn* structures have diamagnetic ground states. 


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