A family of group 4 permethylpentalene complexes, Pn*MCpRX (M = Ti, Zr; CpR = Cp, CpMe, CptBu, CpnBu, CpMe3, Ind; X = Cl, Me) has been synthesised and fully characterised by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies. The effect of substitution around the Cp ligand was examined for ethylene polymerisation

A series of group 4 complexes η5-Pn*(H)TiCl3, [η5-Pn*(H)ZrCl3]2 and [η5-Pn*(H)HfCl3]2 containing a η5-permethylpentalene ligand were prepared by the reaction of η5-Pn*(H)SnMe3 with the corresponding group 4 starting materials. The complexes inititiated ring opening polymerisation of L- and rac-lactide.


We describe the synthesis, structure and bonding of the first iridium and rhodium permethylpentalene complexes, syn-[M(CO)2]2(μ:η55-Pn*) (M = Rh, Ir). In fact, [Ir(CO)2]2(μ:η55-Pn*) is the first iridium pentalene complex. The novel 14 electron species η8-Pn*TiR2 (Pn* = C8Me6; R = Me, CH2Ph) have been synthesised and spectroscopically and structurally characterised. Subsequent reaction with CO2 leads to the activation and double insertion of CO2 into both Ti–alkyl bonds to form the electronically saturated η8-Pn*Ti(κ2-O2CR)2 (R = Me, CH2Ph) complexes.

We report a series of anti-bimetallic transition metal complexes based on the permethylpentanyl (Pn*, C8Me6) ligand: anti-(MCpR5)2Pn* (where M = Fe, Co and Ni and R = H or Me). All anti-(MCpR5)Pn* structures have diamagnetic ground states. 


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