Our Labs

In January 2005 the group moved into its own lab space on the second floor of the new Chemistry Research Laboratory (CRL) on the corner of Mansfield Road and South Parks Road in the centre of Oxford. This has given us access to state of the art facilities as well as a very pleasant working environment. A virtual tour of the building can be taken here.

The new building is just over the road from the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory where the group used to be based. Lectures and seminars are still hosted here, as well as some of the facilities the group uses such as elemental analysis, glassblowers and SQUID magnetometry.

The group has access to all the facilities it needs such as furnaces and X-ray diffraction machines for solid state work as well its own glove box and solvent drying facilities for organometallic synthesis. Various NMR machines are accessible to the group. These are run by the Inorganic sub-department within the CRL and include two 400 MHz machines on the same floor as the group's laboratories and a 500MHz machine in the basement. There is also an in-house mass spectrometry and crystal structure solving service as well as a surface analysis facility shared with the other research groups in the CRL.