The Department of Chemistry at Oxford University is one of the world’s largest and most successful research departments, birthplace of the lithium-ion battery and the glucose sensor, and home to Nobel-prize winning research on chemical reaction rates, radioactivity, organic synthesis, and the structure of penicillin.


The Chemistry Research laboratory, where the O'Hare Group and CoE are housed is a world-leading Chemistry facility. It has five floors covering ~17,000 sq.m of laboratory and office space. As such, the latest state of the art equipment can be found, including the K-Control Coater, NMR Spectroscopy, Single X-ray Crystallography, Oxygen Permeation Analyser, GC-MS, Rheometer, WVTR, ODISC Cell, Calcination System, Drying System,  BET, TGA/DSC and FTIR.