DPhil Students


Meng Lyu was a graduate student at Keble College, joining the O'Hare group in October 2017. She was also a CSC scholarship recipient developing hybrid LDHs used as catalysts and adsorbent supports. She completed her MRes degree from Imperial College London in September 2017, where she worked with Dr. Rob Davies and Prof. Paul Lickiss on the utilisation of amide-extended organosilicon linkers in MOFs for post-combustion carbon capture. Meng completed her D Phil in 2021 and left Oxford. 

Justin Leung was at Keble College, working on LDH dispersion for barrier coating. When he is not working in the lab, he enjoys running in circles (sprinting), jumping over stuff (pole vault). He also does alternative ice hockey, badminton, karate and dancing for fun. He likes sports to be short.
Maureen Green was at Linacre College and joined the group in 2017 working on permethylpentalene amidinate for ethylene polymerisation. After completing an engineering degree at ESPCI Paris, she moved to Cambridge to pursue a MPhil in supramolecular chemistry. Under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan R. Nitschke, she studied metallo-organic cages and their application in the transport of cargos. She is now working on the synthesis of catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells with Michelin in France.

Archie McNeillis was at St Edmund Hall and joined the group in 2018 working on the synthesis and small molecule reactivity of titanium complexes. Previously, he worked on the small molecule reactivity of zirconocene imides (2016 – 2018, Mountford Group, Oxford) and catalytic nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions using ruthenium based catalysts (2015 – 2016, Walton Group, Durham). When not in the lab, Archie could invariably be found pole vaulting, for which he was the Varsity Match record holder.

Katarina Cermelj was at Balliol College and joined the group in 2015 as a Part II student working on synthesising superhydrophobic layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanosheets. She stayed on as a DPhil and worked on the synthesis of LDHs for photocatalytic applications. Away from the lab, she could be found in the kitchen baking up a storm, scribbling short stories and poems, or in University Parks stalking fluffy squirrels.

Joyce Kwok was at Balliol College and joined the group in 2015 as a Part II working on LDHs as catalysts for bio-oil upgrading. She stayed on as a DPhil and worked in collaboration with SCG Chemicals to produce LDH-based core shell materials for catalysis. Outside of the lab, Joyce spent most of her time chasing 175g discs of white plastic (i.e. playing ultimate Frisbee) and also enjoyed swimming, bouldering, knitting and crochet.

Tom Williams was at Balliol College and joined the group in 2015 working on the formation of LLDPE using supported organometallic tandem catalysis under the supervision of Chris Wright. He started his DPhil in 2016 working on the synthesis of new group 5 and 6 imido complexes, group 4 indenyl-based catalysts and their use in tandem catalysis of ethylene. When not in the lab he could be found on a sports pitch of sorts and played hockey for the University 1st team.

Phakpoom (Golf) Angpanitcharoen was at St John's College and joined the group in 2012 as a Part II student working on synthesising supported zirconocene catalysts for ethylene polymerisation under the supervision of Jean-Charles “JC” Buffet. He stayed on to do a DPhil working with JC and Tom on the synthesis of supported indenyl-based metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerisation. When not in the lab, his life mainly consists of football and gaming.

Kanittika (Kate) Ruengkajorn was at Balliol College and joined the group in 2014. She was an SCG Packaging scholar working on LDHs for packaging applications under the supervision of Chunping Chen. When she was not in the lab she enjoyed travelling, dancing, and cooking with friends.

Jung Yi (Dave) Xing joined the group in 2012 from Imperial College London. He worked on frustrated lewis pairs. When not in the lab, he could be found wearing short-suits and looking suave.


Henry Fisher was at Hertford College and joined the group as a Part II in 2009 under the supervision of Gareth Williams, looking into the structure and properties of alum vaccine adjuvants. After he worked as a research visitor investigating drug delivery and biomedical applications of LDHs, starting a DPhil in the same area in February 2011. When not in the lab, he could usually be found wearing lycra and sparkles at any available ballroom, or at Hertford College boathouse shouting at people twice his size.



Sam Binding was at Worcester College and joined the group as a Part II student in 2010. Under the supervision of Hasna she worked on the synthesis of novel frustrated lewis pairs for the catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol. Returning as a D.Phil in 2011, she made organometallic complounds for use in polymerisation. When not doing chemistry she liked baking, cocktails, dancing in the kitchen and holidays! 


Hannah Hannah Buckley joined the group in 2010 as a Part II student under the supervision of Saul Moorhouse, and stayed on to do a D.Phil in 2011 working on applications of LDHs. She was at New college and her life outside of chemistry consisted of G&Ts, life drawing and travelling. Hannah left in December 2015 to take up a job in patent law
Tom Tom Arnold was at Balliol College and joined the group in 2010 as a Part II student working on synthesising uranium metal organic frameworks (MOFs) under the supervision of Mark Chadwick. He started his D.Phil. in October 2011 and was working with JC on indenyl complexes and olefin polymerisation. When not in the lab, he could usually be found with a Gin and Tonic in hand sampling the latest gastronomy or travelling in uncharted lands. Tom left the group in April 2015 to take up a job in finance.


Mark Chadwick joined the group in October 2008 as a part II under the supervision of Coops. He was at New College and studied the redox properties of permethylpentalene sandwich compounds. After this he stayed on as a D.Phil investigating organouranium chemistry. He subsequently took up a postdoc position with the Weller Group


Saul Moorhouse started his D.Phil in the group in October 2009. His work involved the study of solid state reactions using time-resolved in situ X-ray diffraction. Much of his work was carried out at Diamond Light Source. He was a member of Somerville College during his D.Phil.


Anchalee Wongariyakawee was a member of Balliol College and started her D.Phil in October 2009. She graduated from Kasetsart University, Thailand, with a B.Sc. in 2006. She then worked as a researcher in a cement manufacturing company for two years. Her research focussed on the applications of layered double hydroxides in building materials.


Hasna Zaher was a member of New College and joined the group in October 2008. She worked on synthesising novel Frustrated Lewis Pairs for use in the catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol and hydrogenation of aldehydes. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in June 2008 with a MChem with Industrial Experience.
Joyce Chengle Wang joined the group as a D.Phil in October 2008 and is called Joyce in the group. She is graduate from the University of Science and Technology of China with a BSc. She is a member of Teddy Hall now and works on layered double hydroxides. She has a lot of interests, such as travelling and playing football. She was also a super fan of AC Milan. She finished in June 2012. 
Charles Markland Charles Markland joined the group in October 2006 as a Part II student from Christ Church studying intercalation into LDHs under the supervision of Yi Du and Kang Min Ok. He then continued as a D.Phil in 2007 at Balliol College. He finished in November 2011.
Paul Ransom Paul Ransom was an undergraduate at Jesus College, and after spending his Part II year in the O’Hare group in 2004 he stayed on as a graduate. His areas of research included the synthesis and reactions of organometallic bisdiazene complexes and ansa-bridged indenyl compounds. Originally from Saddleworth, he liked mountain biking and the outdoors. He left the group in 2009 to work in lubricants. 
Xiaorui Gao entered the Southeast University of China as a Master in 2004, and started her D.Phil in the same university in 2006. She did research about layered double hydroxides for three years in China. Her work in the group involved the intercalation of layered double hydroxide. Xiaorui liked playing sports and travelling. She has now returned to China. 
Paulina Aguirre Paulina Aguirre is a member of Balliol College and joined the group in 2003 as a D.Phil student. She was born in Chile, where she obtained her B.Sc. and a Professional Title in Industrial Chemistry in 2003 from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Her area of research included the synthesis and study of homobimetallic organometallic complexes. She left the group in 2008. 
Yi Du Yi Du was a member of Balliol College. Yi obtained her B.Sc. from University of Science & Technology of China in 2005, and worked as a D.Phil student in the O’Hare group until the end of 2008. Her D.Phil project was concerned with a new LDH like material, cobalt hydroxides, and its phase transformation under time-resolved in situ powder X ray diffraction. Outside of the laboratory, Yi enjoyed playing sport and hanging out with her friends. She loves Oxford and  moved to MIT.
Yang Fu joined the O’Hare group in October 2007. Yang was a visiting D.Phil student from Prof. Jingui Qin's group, Wuhan University China, under the sponsor of C.S.C and left in September 2008. His work was to investigate some new types of intercalated materials based on novel LDHs, and to study the mechanism of their formations by time-resolved in situ X-ray diffraction techniques. After work, he enjoyed racing and photography, but cooking was also one of his favorites!
Andrew Fletcher

Andrew Fletcher joined the group in 2004, having completed his Part II in the Beer group. He was a member of New College and came from Doncaster in South Yorkshire. His research interests concerned the catalytic dechlorination of PCBs, a class of chlorinated organic compounds which had been highlighted as needing international attention. He left the group in 2008. 

James Moss

James Moss was a student at University College, originally from Bracknell, Berkshire, and joined the group in 2003 as a Part II spending the year working on the catalytic dechlorination of PCBs. Starting a D.Phil in 2004, he developed the synthesis of the novel permethylfluorene ligand, and examined the organometallic chemistry of this highly methylated fluorene. He left the group in 2007.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott gained his MChem degree at St. Hugh’s College, completing his Part II in the O’Hare group. He subsequently rejoined the group as a D.Phil student at Balliol College, working with substituted pentalene ligands with a view to synthesising asymmetric organometallic molecules. He left the group in summer 2007. From Petersfield in Hampshire, Scotty still retained a fondness for the South Coast as manifested in his obsession with Portsmouth F.C.

Sarah Gowrie Sarah Gowrie, from Glasgow was a student at Balliol College and joined the group in 2005 for her Part II year. She worked on alkane complexes of rhenium and bridged indenyl systems. She rejoined the group in October 2006 to start her D. Phil, but then transferred to the Hancock group in the PTCL in April 2007. 

Gang Hu

Gang Hu graduated from Dalian University of Technology, China in 2000 with a B.E. degree in Chemical Engineering. He carried out a research project on the study of novel porous catalytic materials with Prof. Xinhe Bao at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and got his M.Sc. degree in 2003. Funded by Hong Kong K.C. Wong Education Foundation, he joined the group in 2003 doing a project on the novel synthetic methods of LDHs and the development of LDH/polymer nanocomposites. He was a member of Balliol College. He was a fanatic collector of books, CDs, vinyl records and DVDs. He completed his D.Phil in 2007. 

Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas was a student at Christ Church. He finished his D.Phil in 2006.

Anusha Ragavan finished her D.Phil in 2006. She was a student at Balliol College.

Dr. Mike Doran

Mike Doran was a student at St. Hugh's College. He finished his D.Phil in 2005.