The VERTEX 80 FT-IR spectrometers is based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which utilizes precise wear-free linear air bearing scanner with TrueAlignmentTM technology to provide PEAK spectral resolution, widest spectral range (Mid-IR, NIR, Far-IR/THz, Visible/UV 10 cm-1 to 50,000 cm-1) and Step/Slow-Scan option. It is equipped with various accessories such as attenuated total reflection (ATR), diffuse reflectance infrared fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFTS), transmission mode FTIR spectroscopy and in situ FTIR cell. The in situ FTIR cell can be operated with high temperature (max. 800 °C) and is compatible with serval gases such as CO, CO2, and pyridine…    





FTIR in situ gas line setup