Jean-Charles “JC” Buffet joined the group in June 2011. In 2005, he obtained an MSc from UPMC (Paris) working with Prof. Bernadette Charleux on polymers synthesis via RAFT agents. In 2009, he graduated for Edinburgh University with a PhD on biodegradable polymers synthesis via homochiral complexes under the supervision of Prof. Polly Arnold. Following this, he moved to Aachen (Germany) to work for Prof. Jun Okuda on meso-lactide polymerisation.

In Oxford, he studies olefin polymerization in collaboration with SCG Chemicals. Since September 2014, JC became SCG Programme Manager overseeing SCG Chemicals research projects and team members. Since June 2017, JC is the Deputy Director of the SCG-Oxford Centre of Excellence in Chemistry (CoE). He is the author of 49 publications and co-inventor on 45 patent applications.

In his spare time, he likes pretending to go for a run and enjoys drinking beers and watching sport.

Selected publications:

Popcorn-shaped polyethylene synthesised using highly active supported permethylindenyl metallocene catalyst systems. J.-C. Buffet, Z. R. Turner and D. O’Hare, Chem. Commun. (2018), 54, 10970-10973.

Metallocene supported core@LDH catalysts for slurry phase ethylene polymerisation. J.-C. Buffet, C. F. H. Byles, R. Felton, C. Chen and D. O'Hare, Chem. Commun., (2016), 52, 4076-4079.

Zirconocene alkoxides and aryloxides for the polymerization of L- and rac-lactide. J.-C. Buffet, G. R. Harris, J. J. Coward, T. A. Q. Arnold, Z. R. Turner, and D. O'Hare, J. Organomet. Chem., (2016), 801, 87-95.

Ethylene polymerisation using solid catalysts based on layered double hydroxides. J.-C. Buffet, Z. R. Turner,R. T. Cooper, and D. O'Hare, Polym. Chem., (2015), 6, 2493-2503.

Chiral Group 4 cyclopentadienyl complexes and their use in polymerization of lactide monomers. Z. R. Turner, J.-C. Buffet and D. O'Hare, Organometallics, (2014), 33, 3891-3903.